It’s important for web designers to understand the technologies used by the end user, after all, these are the people who will be ultimately using the websites they create.

Knowing which browsers are the most popular at any given time obviously provides significant advantages by allowing the designer to test their new sites accordingly, and to make sure they work and display as intended.

Screen resolution is also an important aspect of web design where the client has chosen to opt for a static layout. By understanding which resolution is currently the most widely used, you can tailor your design so that the highest percentage of visitors experience the full glory of your masterful design skills!

We also delve a little further in our attempt to visualize the current landscape of internet users by providing UK ownership statistics for a range of internet enabled devices. This should allow you to answer those awkward questions regarding ”what percentage of internet searches are carried out on smart phones” at a quick glance!

Screen Resolution And Browser Usage By Percentage

Infographic By Thisischemistry – Bradfords Leading Web Design Agency.


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