Often times you find articles about UI practices, or just a showcase of good examples. However, you don’t see much about the importance of good UI. I find that keeping this in mind helps make better design decision and therefore better designs. Let’s review some key points.

Your façade
Whether you are a company, a freelancer, or a product, the UI represents you. If it doesn’t do a good job you will be seen in incorrect light. Consider it your storefront or your resume. If it is sloppy, you are too.

Sets the mood and tone
UI also sets the personality of a website through mood and tone.
It is a very important to get these right. If you are a funeral home, you do want to have a professional look and feel, instead of a colourful websites with a clown in your logo. I understand that the example is a bit extreme, but there are many websites which are not all that serious but come off as such and vice versa.

People judge by what they see
We tent to judge things by the way they appear, which is why a good design will not let a visitor make silly assumptions. The visual design can make or break a website within few minutes of its use. Additionally, UI should be utilized to make amazing great impressions. There is no excuse for it not to as the last thing you want is a lasting bad or incorrect impression.
There is also a big difference between “wow” and lack of response because there is nothing to be impressed by. Nothing is worse than “damn, now that’s ugly.” But as designers we are not to design something that is not ugly, we are to design something that wows and astonishes.

Sets apart from the competition
There are plenty of websites and apps out there which is why making a visual impression is crucial. Not only does it set you apart from the rest, it makes your visitors happy to revisit you. Additionally, if there is nothing unique about the site, there is nothing to catch a visitor’s attention. It is no longer a problem of standing out but an issue of being able to remain in the visitor’s head.

Pretty is better
Various studies prove that we are under the impression that pretty thing are better – faster, easier to use, etc. It is a psychological impression that is true for apps, cars and people. Users will not notice if you app is slightly slow if it is as mind blowing as the brunette from your office. This, however, buys you time to make it as fast as it should be. There are no excuses for crappy functionality or usability either.

This is the big one: good looks evoke trust. Not always, but it helps a lot. Think about this, who are you more likely to buy a product from: a site that looks like it hasn’t been updates form 2001 or a site with modern design implemented couple month ago?

Here are 20 examples of spectacular and sexy UI design form Dribbble which are going to blow your mind – yes, they are that sexy.

Rally Interactive (via Ben Cline)

Matt Bango

Dan Eden

Rovane Durso

Mikael Eidenberg

Yura Yarokhovich

Riyadh Gordon

Riccardo Carlet

Igor Ivankovic


Kerem Suer

Fabio Basile

Jens Windolf

Dan Edwards

Sam Borstadt

Amit Jakhu

Riccardo Carlet

Riyadh Gordon

Frantisek Kusovsky

Alexandre Naud