Ramon Bruin is mainly a selftaught artist, who started airbrushing and painting about ten years ago.

He uses a lot of different materials like acrylic-, oil-, and waterpaints and also paintpens, graphite, charcoal and pastel.
Ramon is the inventor of a new painting style called ‘Sarcism’, asarcastic expressionistic painting style.

About five years ago Ramon started developing a 3d opticial illusion style. Within this style the drawn subjects appears to be leaping of the surface. He uses a variety of methods to create the illusions.

The drawings are made with graphite, charcoal and sometimes a bit of acrylic paint.
In some of these drawing he uses a style called anamorphic drawing.

All of the drawings a re drawn from a certain angle. When finished drawing, he takes a photograph for the exact right angle with a right amount of light. Before he takes the photograph he sometimes adds real objects like pencils, erasers of even his own hands within the composition to blur the fine line between the real and the drawn.














For more art check out his website www.jjkairbrush.nl or
You can also order prints or original on www.jjk-art.com

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