Bring Your Company to the next level. The era of Cognitive Computing and IoT.

The world is producing enormous amounts of data every second. Most of it is unstructured and difficult to find or make sense of. We believe in the power of unearthing information in raw data and text by using advanced techniques and artificial intelligence to answer difficult questions for business and society in general.

Information is competitive advantage.

What if you had a system that knows everything about your business? What questions would you ask?

What if we would bring it to the next level and you could combine data your data with data that is of the public domain?

Would you find ways of making your business more profitable? Would that open new opportunities or change the direction of your company? Would you be closer to your customer and your goal?

We have skills and experience in information retrieval, and experts in data and text mining, data processing and visualization. We are developing a game changing product for the retrieval, analysis, enrichment and communication of relevant information. With this technology, we will empower strategic and operational business processes with smart data.


We gather massive amounts of raw data
from websites, databases, documents, and other unstructured sources.


We use powerful natural language processing, text mining and algorithms to process the data and bring structure and consistency to the corpus of words, paragraphs, and pages.


We find out people, organizations, concept and relationships in your data. We then organize the information according to your company’s focus. We link all of this with public knowledge bases and your internal information.


Define your interests and key intelligence topics. We  track your topics continuously and alert you if required.


We help you visualize what is important in a way the human brain loves. We provide you with a fast overview in a beautiful visual way. You can just decide which story matters to you most, and focus with a click only.

Stay always up-to-date, even when you are on the road. Share your perspectives with colleagues and keep them updated easily. Exchange thoughts and insights directly linked to the relevant information.

Augment your company’s knowledge

Integrate with your enterprise IT environment and link directly into business processes, enriching business applications with high quality data.


Interact with the system using natural language and voice. Have a conversation with your intelligent system, that knows everything about your business.