Documentation and Guides Portal

The UltraTimeSeries Documentation and Guides Portal contains valuable information to get started with your UTS journey. This includes valuable information on the UltaTimeSeries data model, how to import data and how to get data in and out of UltraTimeSeries using common tools. All this is rounded of by a couple of guides on how UltraTimeSeries can be used in practice.


Postman API Documentation

The UltraTimeSeries API documentation on Postman is your go-to reference for any detailed questions and parameters around interaction programmatically with UltraTimeSeries.


UltraTimeSeries Python API 


A python wrapper around the UltraTimeSeries REST API.  

The motives behind this wrapper around UltraTimeSeries (UTS) REST API were to reduce even more the complexity of the system and make it as accessible as possible.