Chatbot platform botario takes over ROBO-AI




Conversational AI


Leading Conversational AI platform has acquired ROBO-A


Big news, right?


Yes, our Conversational AI and Messaging product has been acquired by botario. It’s always hard to create something from scratch, care for it and then letting it go. But we are very proud of the product we have built over the years, of its quality and potential, and even more honored that a leading player in the industry has seen that as well.


botario is an AI platform for automated processing of text, voice and phone inquiries. If you don’t know them yet, check their website here. As part of the acquisition, all ROBO-AI technical assets will be integrated into the botario platform, making it even more powerful.


Roland Becker, CEO of botario, is clearly happy by this deal:

We are very pleased to be able to take over exciting technical assets with the purchase of ROBO-AI, but above all we are thrilled to have a talented and experienced team as a new strategic partner in areas, in which we are not present so far. This fits perfectly with our growth and internationalization strategy.


If you read something about a strategic partner and internationalization in his quote, you read it correctly. From now on, Two Impulse will implement solutions, and sell the botario platform, worldwide, with exclusivity in Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. So, make sure to reach out to us if you want to improve your customer service and experience with an upgraded, very powerful and complete, conversational AI platform. You can do it by contacting us through the form on this page. Our amazing sales team will then get back to you and find out how we can help your company.


If you’re already a ROBO-AI client, we’ve got your back! You will continue to have full support from us. What will happen is that all current clients will be migrated to botario. And don’t worry about that as well. Both platforms share the software Rasa in the backend, so no issues are expected. Still, if you have any questions, please get in touch with your Two Impulse sales representative or reach out to us here.


If it sounds like we are excited with this deal, well… It's because we are. Our CEO, Paulo Nunes, could not have expressed it better:

We are proud that with ROBO-AI we have built and sold a successful conversational AI tool set, which now becomes part of the very mature and powerful botario platform. Our customers can benefit from the many new possibilities in botario in the future. We look forward to being able to generate excellent new sales opportunities with the exclusive distribution of botario in Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.


This is a great milestone for Two Impulse. And we strongly believe much more of these celebration moments are waiting for us on the path ahead. 


It’s going to be a wild ride!


You can find the oficial Press Release of this acquisition here.